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Eagle Offshore Company provides engineering, asset management & production management solutions to energy operators and investors. Company has clear vision to provide quality engineering and management services to meet clients requirement within most economical price & schedule. The Eagle team has decades of experience building, operating & managing energy assets in South East Asia, India & Middle East region. 

Eagle Offshore through its extensive network of private equity investors & family offices helps energy operators to raise capital to carry them for the cost of development of the assets. 

Our capabilities & Services : 

  • Marine Asset Management - We are an ISM/ISPS certified company to operate & manage multi purpose offshore construction vessels & rigs. 

  • Production Management - Provision of design, supply, install, operate & maintain the fluid and gas production facilities. 

  • Structural Engineering - Design & Engineer the small to medium scale structural works for Onshore & Offshore energy infrastructure. 

  • Naval Architecture - Stability analysis for vessels, structural modification, carrying out motion, mooring & riser analysis.  

  • Installation & Operations - provision of FEED/detailed consultancy for installation of flexible flowlines, risers, structures, piles & mooring. 


  • Asset Inspection & Survey - Conducting detailed suitability, pre purchase and statutory surveys.